Choose beaches with BeachSafe for a peaceful holiday

Leave yourself in the cool water, leave your belongings to BEACHSAFE


About Us General information about our company.

Salvus was founded in İstanbul in 2006.Salvus has been moved Tuzla  organized industrial zone. Salvus has been operated in foreign trade, import and export areas. Salvus began to operate on the Horeca sector and sector has brought a new product under the brand name BEACHSAFE. This product all the patterns belongs to Salvus company and manufactured to the finest details in mind.

BeachSafe In order to meet the security needs of beaches, BEACHSAFE produced by Salvus. It is preferred to render beaches and offer their customers better and provide quality servise.


With Beachsafe your customers can enjoy your facility without worrying about stolen or losing their personal belongings.

Personalized Password

Beachsafe provides maximum security with it's Digital combination lock system. Thereby, every user has an opportunity to create their own password.

1 Year Guarantee

Beachsafe gives 1 year guarantee to erros that occur except the mistakes that occur during the usage. (eg, deterioration of the lock).

Eco Friendly

Beachsafe is environmentally sensitive with it's materials used and does not contain any carcinogenic substances.

Spare Part

It is now easier to access to spare parts . The parts that are requested for Beachsafe are delivered to you instantly with cargo.

Color Selection

Beachsafe; at specific purchases, offers you a choice of different colors. In addition, advertisements will be taken to the cover portion.

SolarSafe Not worry about over charging on the beach, charge with SolarSafe !

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