Beach Cleaner Robot

Solarino Beach Cleaner robot is a particular combination of Solarino ATV and one of its working units; it is the first ecofriendly, remote-controlled beach cleaning machine able to move both on wet and dry sandy soil and to remove rubbish and other foreign matter. Totally electrically driven, powered by full isolated GEL batteries and also by solar energy, silent, accurate and robust, Solarino Beach Cleaner provides a comfortable and a low environmental solution for beach cleaning. Get more information about our beach cleaner robot by reading the brochure.

Frame and tracks undercarriage are not only protected by paint, but also fully hot-dip-galvanized using both stainless steel and aluminium; the wide matched tread helps to optimizing the traction system performance both on wet and dry sandy terrains by providing a good flotation in any situation. The vibrating mechanical sifter is silent, robust and precise and its working parameters are totally configurable.

Solarino® is totally electrically driven and does not use internal combustion engines or idraulic systems; it uses a 10.000 N electric linear actuator to configure the working-depth parameter and another one with same features to execute rubbish unloading operations. The 10.000 N linear actuator included in the rear joint is used to change the working unit height depending on the terrain profile.

The large vibrating sifter (1300 mm) allows fast and realiable cleaning operations even between beach umbrellas and chairs without any problems thanks to our patented system. The working unit is 1300 mm x 1000 mm x 900 mm; when connected to the Solarino ATV, the overhall dimensions are: 1300 mm x 2200 mm x 1000 mm.

Energy system (3h autonomy) 
Two 12V-200Ah sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries power the whole system up to 4800W. This solution is maintenance free and is leak-proof to provide a low environmental solution. A rear high-efficient solar panel located on the working unit is able to provide enough energy to power the ECU and it has been designed to help the system recharge batteries.

The self unloading rubbish system, the possibility to remotely set the working-depth and the working unit height any time during the normal operations allow to work in comfort by reducing human efforts and stress; in fact, with lots of beach cleaning machines you always have to stop and manually change the working depth parameter every time the slope angle of terrain changes. This happens because when a generic cleaning machine climbs, the mechanical sifter sinks in the sandy terrain and for this reason the operator has to manually decrease the working depth value; the same thing happens when the machine climbs down because, in this situation, the operator has to increase the working depth value. With Solarino® Beach cleaner, you can easily overcome this problem by using the radio transmitter to automatically and remotely set the correct working depth value without any effort.

Safety and Security
You can use the advanced sonar system to detect obstacles and big objects during beach cleaning operations: motors will stop if any collision will be detected! The same will happen if the machine will approach too much to the water. Use your personal access key to avoid unauthorized usage by blocking the mushroom button.

Radio Signal
The easy-to-use radio controller will help you to switch ON/OFF the mechanical sifter, to trigger the discarge process and to set the working depth and the working unit height without any effort. By using the joystick, it is possible to move the machine in all the directions with an incredible precision also at long distance (up to 150 meters).

Extra Tools
It is a complete solution for all your needs: it comes with an useful rake which allows the machine to pick up all the algaes and rubbish which are usually present on the foreshore. Moreover, it allows you to add a wheeled trailer to easily carry heavy loads. You can use the integrated speaker to play advertising messages or information about your activities on the beach.

Weight and Payload
The cleaner kit weight is about 500 Kg and it has a maximum paypload of about 350 Kg. In addition, it is possible to use an electric waterproof whinch with a traction capacity of 6,000 Kg for heavy-duty applications. You can use the machine to carry whatever you want: umbrellas, beach chairs or rubber boats.

Another uncomfortable problem which is present in the usual beach cleaner turning operations is that you always have to lift up the sifter to avoid sinking in the sandy ground. You can customize your Solarino Beach Cleaner to automatically lift up and down the working unit each time it receives a turning command. Moreover, the most part of sand cleaners has a manual unload system: if the machine loads lots of rubbish, this method requires a considerable effort to unplug the basket and unload the collected material. With our solution, when the basket is full, you can easily drive Solarino Beach Cleaner where you want to unload the rubbish and trigger the automatic discharge routine.

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