The Nanni company dates back to 1910 when the Nanni family began as a manufacturer of wood frame lounge chairs and .The Chaise Longue
Over the years and the with the increase of tourism, the Company grew with a commitment to the improvement and innovation of its products.
In 1972, Nanni created the first chaise lounge in galvanized and painted iron. While it was cutting edge technology that was well-received by the market, the iron frame made the product heavy to carry and move. The turning point for Nanni came in 1977, when it was the first to put into production chaise lounges made of with a anodized aluminum frame.

The constant commitment and deep love for their work has earned Nanni a prestigious position in the area of beach and outdoor patio furnishings. Their quality and design in the manufacturer of chaise lounges, sun beds, lounge chairs and umbrellas has led many producers of complimentary products to name Nanni as the exclusive reseller of some of the leading companies in Italy's home & garden sector. In addition, numerous tour operators and event planners have chosen Nanni to provide furnishings for their event because of the high quality of their products and guarantee of better service.

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